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Vintage Stock Reserve

Upcycled Fashion.

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 I am 1,000% pleased with my purchased and was very happy to see that my name was on the envelope that included my stickers and the VSR letter. This was a simple, but special touch that made me smile. Thank you so much for doing the little things!


Hey! I just want to say that I got my shirt and I was so excited when it came. I don't know why but it really meant a lot to me that someone wrote my name on the envelope and put it in the letter. What you two are doing is absolutely amazing and I cannot wait until the next drop comes! 


Thank you. Thank you for lighting up my day everyday through your Tik-Toks and crazy fashion style. I truly believe that you guys will make a serious change to the streetwear brand. I myself am a skater and a huge fan of your clothing. I am a huge supporter of the up-cycling process that you guys are encoraging to younger audiences.


You two stand out to me because of how we have similar interest in redesigning second-hand clothing and our passion to help the environment.