Thank you SO MUCH for being a part of the VSR journey!

In a sea of multi-million dollar companies and well known brands, you could’ve chosen anyone to shop with, but instead of doing what everyone else does, you chose us. It truly means the world that you decided to support a small business with a dream! 


Who is VSR?

Vintage Stock Reserve is a brand that was created in 2018 by Tommy & Jordan! We shared a love for clothing which all began at the thrift store. Our goal now is to create unique clothing items by recycling used and abandoned clothing, and transforming it into new & exciting pieces! 

Let us tell you why supporting us has such an amazing impact!


  •  We take much pride in custom dyeing, sewing, and even fully reworking clothing to provide only the best selection possible. Everything is unique to itself, so once something is gone, it's gone! 


  •  Buying used clothing is extremely beneficial for the environment. Did you know that the average person trashes around 80 pounds of clothing per year? Considering that the United States has over 327 million people, this would insist that approximately 26 billion pounds (26,000,000,000) of clothing gets tossed out each year in the U.S alone! By reselling previously owned clothing, we reduce unnecessary waste & make it fun!


  • Our impact has an effect worldwide. The mass production of clothing typically comes from the hands of impoverished people working in poor conditions. Buying second hand helps reduce the need to produce more clothing.


  • Creativity is at an all time high! With so many unique options to choose from, each person can get excited about how they want to express themselves & stand out from the rest!

Now you can feel good about shopping because there’s so many benefits involved! 

Again, thank you so much for being here and taking the time to visit our site. 

With much love,

Tommy & Jordan

Vintage Stock Reserve