"1 of 1" Ocean Lavas (34x36)



Size 34 x 36 Patchwork Jeans by Tommy Foreign.


Did you know 95% of the Ocean remains unexplored? Ripping through the sea floor in some of the deepest seas are hydrothermal vents blasting waters up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit. But something more intriguing to me is the concept of ocean volcanoes. A vicious playground where polar elements battle for the crown - Water vs. Fire.

Little known to man is how the most productive volcanic systems on earth are buried deeper than 8,000 feet in the ocean. This output of magma is responsible for creating underwater valleys and new oceanic plates.

These handmade patchwork jeans portray the concept of resilience. I embroidered an original quote on the back left pocket that reads: "Even the deepest seas can't extinguish your flame." This comes from the idea that no matter how much pressure you're under, there's always more to give.

Sustainably made in USA upcycling secondhand materials.