Ralph Lauren "Berry Blast" Custom Cut & Sew Crewneck (L)


Limited amount of Upcycled 101 Dalmatian bandanas reconstructed from vintage bedsheets! Although each bandana is similar to one another, due to the nature of cut & sew, each bandana is unique to itself - no two the same!

When buying, you will receive a random bandana from the limited batch, which means your exact design will be a surprise when your order arrives! We had a lot of fun making this collection and we hope you enjoy! Oh, and as always... Everything is clean and ready to rock :)


*Please be aware that some secondhand items may show signs of wear or fading due to the age of the products. If you have any questions contact us via Instagram @VintageStockReserve or email us at vintagestockreserve@gmail.com . We will do our best to assist you as soon as possible! Thank you :)*